Using HCG for weight loss

HCG injections have become big news in the weight loss industry. The information was featured on the Dr. Oz show about how HCG injections can help with weight lose but that is only the tip of the iceberg. HCG injections can help you with a host of other ailments AND help you to shed those pounds as well.

HCG is a hormone that was first discovered to have healing properties in the 1920’s. Over the years the dosing and other research has been hammered out so it is now a completely safe option.

Side Effects

Some of the “side effects” of HCG injections include a benefit from its anti inflammatory properties to include help in controlling pain due to arthritis and other inflammatory disease. Like most medical discoveries the healing properties of HCG injections was found by accident.

People that were signing on for the injections to control their weight noticed that they were having less pain in their joint after receiving the shots. It was not just people with arthritis that were reporting positive changes in their symptoms but it was people with Fibromyalgia ,MS, Psoriasis, Chronic Pain conditions, inflammatory bowel disease and lupus that were also seeing positive changes.

These “side effects” affected everyone that had an inflammatory disease that was taking the HCG injections.

Natural Healing

Evidently from the evidence collected HCG injections can help the body to stimulate the natural healing process that everyone has. This untapped resource is awakened by the HCG injections. The body seems to know that this hormone is a signal to start healing maladies and reduce inflammation.

Overall wellness is improved with HCG injections. While the studies are still being conducted to add clinical support to this phenomenal break through the anecdotal evidence is readily available from the testimony of many of the patients that have seen vast improvements in their conditions thanks to the HCG injections!

Tapping into the natural healing properties of your own body is an invaluable tool in generating an overall feeling of wellness.

Get The Help You Need

Traditional methods to reduce the symptoms of inflammatory disease does not work for everyone as a matter of fact it does not work for a large majority of the patients. HCG injections may be the key to your overall wellness. A series of shots can help you to feel better and look better!

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