Benefits of HCG Drops

An old diet system from the 1960’s is beginning to see more popularity today as it has shown great success in helping people lose weight. The HCG drops diet is just one of the two ways you can take HCG for the diet, and does work when taken on a strict dietary plan. While the dietary restrictions are incredibly strict, the results that many people see within as short a period as 15 days can be enough to grab the attention of others in a big hurry.

What is HCG?

HCG is a hormone that is produced by pregnant women to assist in feeding their unborn child throughout the pregnancy. This hormone breaks down the fat stores in the woman’s body to feed the fetus while in utero as to ensure the health of both the mother and unborn child. This hormone was also used by Dr. Simeon in the 1960’s on children whose reproductive organs weren’t maturing properly. The slow maturity of the organs resulted in obesity and after taking the HCG the children began to lose weight. Dr. Simeon noticed this change and began to provide it to men and women who wanted to lose weight.

Today’s HCG Drops

Today the HCG drops that you can purchase in stores and online is a synthetic form of the HCG hormone and is mixed with healthy ingredients such as B12 to not only help the body burn fat but provide mild nutritional supplements as well. This intricate lab created formula of HCG is also made of other homeopathic ingredients which help to cut down on the side effects that were noticed from the pure hormone. Since this makes the HCG offered today safer than that of the version given in 1960, more people have access to it for weight loss today.


There are several benefits that those taking the HCG drops for weight loss will be able to enjoy. If taken properly these drops can help to burn away fat stores in the tummy, butt, thighs, and even neck and face. Other benefits include the loss of appetite for fatty and sweet foods as well as all the benefits of weight loss without feeling hungry. Other benefits of using HCG for weight loss include the development for healthy eating habits, increase in energy, and the loss of weight in pounds and inches quickly and healthily.

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