Role of HCG injections in getting pregnant

For all those couple who have been trying to get a baby for years without much of a result, HCG injections can be a ray of hope. These injections, which aim at treating certain causes of infertility could not only help the poor couple get rid of the cause of the infertility but it can also help in maintaining the pregnancy as well. Here is a detailed account on how the use of HCG shots can help both men and women in terms of treating infertility.

Pregnancy benefits related to men

There are many reasons that cause a couple not being able to give birth to a child. As per studies, both men and women contribute almost equally to these causes. In men the following factors leads to the increased chances of making his partner pregnant.

  • If a man has lost his virility, it would be very difficult for him to perform well on bed and offer a good sexual experience to his partner. The loss of virility is caused by lack of testosterone hormone which can be an outcome of many factors. The use of HCG injections helps in getting the testosterone levels back in place which offers the man more energy and endurance to perform on bed, thereby increasing chances of making his partner pregnant.
  • A very common reason behind male infertility is reduced count of sperms. If there are not enough sperms in the semen, chances of fertilization of the egg become less. With prescribed dosage of HCG injections, the sperm count can be increased which would obviously help the fertilization process better and would increase the chances of inducing pregnancy.
  • Use of HCG injections also helps in making the sperm healthier. Good quality sperm has more probability to fertilize the egg.
  • The HCG shots are also beneficial in pulling the tested down in the scrotum which otherwise lied undescended owing to a birth defect called Cryptochidism.

Pregnancy benefits for women

There is a reason why HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin is also known as the ‘pregnancy hormone’. First it plays a major role in the ovulation process, followed by the process of releasing the egg for fertilization and finally during the pregnancy period to maintain the pregnancy. Here is a detailed list of the roles played by HCG injection in the whole episode of a woman getting pregnant.

  • During the ovulation process when the egg is matured but not getting released due to certain complications, the HCG injections help in releasing the egg. The ovulation is expected to happen within 36 hours of the injection being pushed into the muscles or under the skin.
  • In case the placenta of the woman is not able to generate enough HCG hormones naturally, it would impact the nourishment factor of the egg once it has been fertilized. This is where HCG injections prove to be beneficial as they help in supplying the required levels of HCG hormone to the body which enables the nourishing of the egg and attachment of the same to the uterine wall, thereby helping in maintaining pregnancy.

While it may sound very tempting, but administering HCG injections without proper medical guidance could lead to a number of adverse effects and should not be practiced by anybody ever. Seeking support from the doctor is the right thing to do when it comes to use HCG injections in matters related to pregnancy.

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